Tetronimo (or Tetris) is a game where the player can place 7 shapes in a rectangular box and score points by creating fully covered horizontal lines. The shapes are created by arranging 4 squares in a different fashion, and those squares are what fills up the rectangle and what can be used to create fully square/block covered lines and score points.

To make the game more challenging there are levels based on time or points. Reaching them increases the speed at which the shapes move down.

A player generally doesn't win, as the goal is to score the most points.

To make the game difficulty not infinite, thus impossible to complete, the standard game comes out with 10 levels, the 10th being fastest and most challenging.

Patch Notes

  • Added UT OS (cuts)
  • Added a “Game Over” sound
  • Movement introduced
  • Tetris is now playable with colliding force for the left, right and bottom boundaries
  • Added all 7 tetronimo shapes and their original colors
  • Attached UT sounds
  • Placed box of 10x10 px in a large rectangle with all the possible game colors