About Me


Nikolay Zdravkov Aleksandrov
Aliases: Aivonix and a few others


Royal Holloway, University of London - BSc Computer Science


  • Computers, gadgets and the understanding of how they work
  • Languages, not so much as learning to use them fluently, but how they work
  • Gaming: a good dose of it, regularly (both virtual and real-life)
  • Books: The occasional read, currently on the Riftwar Saga
  • Biking: not so often nowadays, but plans for the future
  • Dancing: Bulgarian folklore and salsa
  • Music, all genres (I'm sorry, I just like a broad selection rather than a specific style always and forever), both listening and trying to learn the strings


  • Software Developer
  • Java
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3 / JavaScript (jQuery)
  • Windows and Linux OS administration and management
  • Git(core and SourceTree)/SVN version control systems
  • CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP as well as many custom frameworks


  • 2008 winner of the Bulgarian Go Championship